Google Launches “Buzz” Taking on Twitter & Facebook

Google launched a new Social platform called Buzz this week, squarely taking on the dominance of Twitter in the micro-blogging space and Facebook in the Social destination space.   Buzz is more than just micro-blogging though it takes the conversation metaphor to a new level by integrating directly into Gmail which takes a major step towards making  Buzz both a social and […]

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Forrester Research predicts by 2014 Interactive Marketing will near $55 billion

Predictions for SEM, Social, Mobile, Video and More! Complimentary White Paper This year marketers are shifting budget from traditional to interactive media, and for good reasons. Forrester Research surveyed marketing executives from firms with more than 200 employees across multiple industries to further explore the circumstances behind the move to interactive marketing. In this white paper, Shar VanBoskirk, Vice President at Forrester Research, explains the factors behind the decline in traditional marketing and shows the reasons why current marketing professionals are investing in interactive marketing efforts. It is predicted that by 2014 interactive marketing will near $55 billion and represent 21% of all marketing spend. Forrester Research examines the effects that the cannibalization of traditional media will have on current advertising budgets, agencies, and publishers.

Download this white paper to see how you can stay ahead of the quick growth of interactive marketing.

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Why Social Media Matters

Visible Technologies , a leading provider of online brand management solutions put together a really solid white paper on Social Media and the four key factors that you can focus on to have high impact.  Here is a short excerpt from the White Paper. Download the full report at the below link: Listening, Learning, Engaging and Integrating—The Four […]

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