B2B Marketing Trends 2020

Historically, B2B marketers have focused on converting new customers. But the B2B marketing landscape is maturing, and these marketers are learning from their B2C peers that it’s less expensive to keep an existing customer rather than bring in a new one. To do this, marketing teams must align with the sales and accounts teams and […]

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Forrester – 2020 Predictions

A new decade begins with great uncertainty in business, government, and society. The atmosphere is charged with energy. Sweeping changes are poised to take place. But which ones? The market teeters on the brink between possibility and reality. Change will come in staggered steps, with trends only becoming clear when several seemingly disjointed developments are […]

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The Future 100: 2020 TRENDS TO WATCH

The Future 100: Trends and Change to Watch in 2020 highlights emerging consumer behaviors with 100 trend predictions from the Innovation Group. Trends span culture, tech and innovation, travel and hospitality, brands and marketing, food and drink, beauty, retail, health, luxury and finance. Each includes an original analysis of why it matters for the organizations whose products and services we use […]

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Predictions 2020: AI Shakes Up Customer Service Workforce And Operations

Forrester’s 2020 customer service predictions report outlines how automation is going to change the contact center from the inside out. AI-fueled changes are coming, and organizations must be proactive and prepare for some major changes in how they staff, run, and manage the performance of their customer service teams. Here are some of the predictions […]

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