Building Brand Trust In Financial Services

Disruptive new entrants, regulatory pressures and constant legal and compliance policies challenge marketers in financial services to build a strong and differentiated brand. The number of touch points, outpouring of information and constantly evolving customer expectations only adds to this complexity. Creating personal experiences will invoke brand trust and loyalty, and with an abundant supply […]

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Attitude Wins Over Aptitude!

B+ is my new mantra, meaning  BE POSITIVE!  For those of you who know me, you know that I believe that “Attitude Drives Outcomes”.  It is the single most important asset we have as individuals and as a company culture. Our attitude individually and as a community gives us the power to achieve greatness together, […]

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Money 20/20 – Roadmap To Cognitive Customer Engagement – Warren Raisch Presentation

Money 20/20 Las Vegas – October 22nd- 25th. Warren Raisch Presentation – Roadmap To Cognitive Customer Engagement For Financial Services In the “Age Of The Customer” it is imperative that financial services firms keep pace with the demands and growing expectations of an empowered customer. Customers expect personalized engagement at every touch point. Scaling to […]

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The Path To Purchase Beyond Retail

Thanks to IBM and eMarketer for compiling some great research on “The Path To Purchase Beyond Retail.”  Much is talked about regarding the path to purchase for retailers, but what about when it comes to the more services-oriented industries, such as banking, healthcare, telecom and travel? eMarketer has curated this Roundup of articles, insights and […]

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Marketing In The Millennial Era

The “New Normal” of The Millennial Era As Millennials  have taken the lead as  the largest generation of consumers living in the U.S. with over 80 million members and a direct spending power of $200 billion many of us in marketing, advertising and technology are positioning to understand and focus on the behavior that drives the […]

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