The Path To Purchase Beyond Retail

Thanks to IBM and eMarketer for compiling some great research on “The Path To Purchase Beyond Retail.”  Much is talked about regarding the path to purchase for retailers, but what about when it comes to the more services-oriented industries, such as banking, healthcare, telecom and travel? eMarketer has curated this Roundup of articles, insights and […]

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Marketing In The Millennial Era

The “New Normal” of The Millennial Era As Millennials  have taken the lead as  the largest generation of consumers living in the U.S. with over 80 million members and a direct spending power of $200 billion many of us in marketing, advertising and technology are positioning to understand and focus on the behavior that drives the […]

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SalesForce Partners With IBM To Bring Cognitive AI power of Watson and Einstein Together For SalesForce Customers the world’s #1 CRM  has entered a landmark  partnership  with IBM Watson,  the world’s leading AI platform for business  to combine rich customer data  with IBM Watson AI capabilities.  The impact of these two global leaders coming together to create new customer engagement capabilities is huge. A NEW COGNITIVE ERA A new Cognitive Era is emerging […]

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The Power of Social Conversations Is Led By the GenX Population

As marketers we understand the power of conversations. I believe that good marketing is all about starting and engaging in conversations with prospects, clients and  your overall market. This conversation power  is amplified and taken to global levels through Social Media. Social Media is where you can identify and develop brand advocates. We hear a […]

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Mobile Devices Account for 20% of the $84.3 Billion in Q3 2016 US Digital Commerce

Thanks to Comscore, Marketing Charts and the Center For Media Research for sharing the results of a new report from comScore showing  that mobile devices accounted for 20% of the $84.3 billion in US digital commerce spending in Q3 2016. That’s the first time mobile devices have reached that mark, as e-commerce sales continue to […]

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Real Conversations Play Critical Role In Consumer Financial Decisions

Thanks to  Invoca and The Center for Media Research for sharing a new report, the State of the Consumer Banking Experience by Invoca, showing that while financial institutions will spend more than $8 billion on digital advertising in 2016, customers rely heavily on offline interactions when making important financial decisions. When evaluating a loan, respondents […]

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2016 Mobile Search Trends Research

Mobile devices now account for a majority—or near majority—of online searches for almost every major industry. That’s according to an analysis which examined hundreds of millions of online search queries measured by Hitwise across multiple devices, including 3.5 million smartphones and tablets. As marketers it is critical for us to leverage mobile, but as important, […]

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