Google Launches Buzz for Mobile

Google launched Buzz for Mobile which has some great Social Networking  features allowing you to make social Network status updates through the Google Mobile voice recognition capabilties. It also adds a new dimension of  Google Search relavance to  Buzz  status update posts by introducing the factor of destination. Letting people know where you are when […]

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Google Launches “Buzz” Taking on Twitter & Facebook

Google launched a new Social platform called Buzz this week, squarely taking on the dominance of Twitter in the micro-blogging space and Facebook in the Social destination space.   Buzz is more than just micro-blogging though it takes the conversation metaphor to a new level by integrating directly into Gmail which takes a major step towards making  Buzz both a social and […]

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Social Networks Become Lifeline to Communication in Haiti – Mobile Donations are a Quick Way to Get Involved

For many with family and friends inmpacted by the Haiti earthquake disaster Social Networks have been a way to keep in touch through the crisis. The disaster in Haiti has been devestating please take a moment to send up a quick prayer and donate what you can to the cause.  By giving up one or two visits to the coffee shop this month you can offset […]

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Top 100 Most Social Brands

Which Brands are leveraging the Social Marketing Wave? Each year that passes we are seeing Social Marketing become more and more integrated into the mainstreem marketing mix.  Virtue, a social media management firm has compiled their Top 100 most Social Brands list for the last few years. It is really interesting to see who had […]

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