About Think Conversation


Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 3.09.31 PMI have always believed that good marketing is like an engaging conversation with a passionate person, always leaving you looking forward to the next opportunity to get together and exchange ideas and shared passions.

Just like in a good conversation it should not be just one person speaking “At” you but a true two way engagement around shared interests.  Thats why I created Think Conversation to share my passions and ideas with you and hopefully engage in meaningful conversations around how we can bring our passions to life  across our work, our family life and our social lives.  Life is too short to sit on the side lines. I encourage you to dive in and follow your dreams. I learned along the way on my journey that the worst regrets I have are when I did not listen to my internal voice to “Go For It! “. Did I always succeed? Of course not. But I also learned far more from my failures then I did from my success.  I am passionate about continuing to grow personally and professionally every year and I would love to share the experiences with you and learn from you as well.

A Little About Me:

I have been passionate about empowering people my whole life.  My journey has been all about empowering people through entrepreneurial pursuits combined with digital technologies and mindsets. As a 25 year Silicon Valley veteran I have been very fortunate to work with some great companies and outstanding people that have taught me so much along the way.   As a senior executive at leading public companies including world leaders such as Apple, IBM, HP (Interwoven division), Adobe (Omniture) and leading digital agencies including Digitas (Publicis) and Miriam Agency (WPP/jWalter Thompson)  and others I have  been able to  work side by side with amazing teams to established global operations across more than 190 countries and personally  travel to and work in 156 countries and counting.

I love world travel, new adventure and I’m always looking for the next mountain to climb. I am passionate about people and attribute my success to empowering others to be their best. We live at a time in history like no other where we all have access to global communication and tools at our fingertips enabling every individual to advance their Warren Raisch Headshotcompanies, their careers and causes that are close to their hearts with focused passion and a click of button. By working in a high tech, Artificial Intelligence, SaaS/Cloud,  interactive agency environments I have been able to keep my finger on the pulse of how to leverage all of these great empowering tools in everyday life. Please join the conversation here on the blog. As a father of 4 I  love family activities, sailing, world travel and making a difference by supporting my Christian faith and important causes in my life.

I am a frequent event speaker and a published author with Mcgraw-Hilll Publishing with his  book “The e-Marketplace”.

McGraw-Hill eMarketplace Book by Warren Raisch







Warren’s  Bio/Experience:

  • IBM – Watson Division – Cognitive Executive Strategist
  • Rio SEO, Chief Customer Officer
  • Edynamic, President – Global Marketing Technology firm
  • Mirum Agency –  a WPP company –  Chief Customer Officer
  • Adobe|Omniture division –  Senior VP of Worldwide Professional Services
  • HP – Interwoven/Autonomy  Division- Vice President of Worldwide Business Development & Alliances and VP of Professional Services
  • Digitas a Publicis  company – Senior Vice President of Digital Strategies
  • MarchFIRST – Executive Director
  • Apple Inc.  – Director of International Sales

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