Where Digital Media is Growing

According to the Katharina Buchholz Data Journalist,  Statista Advertising & Media Outlook forecast, 34 percent of global media sales were generated digitally in the past year – five percentage points more than in 2019. The growth in upcoming years is expected to be less steep, however. At an annual growth rate of 2.2 percentage points, digital media is expected to be responsible for 45 percent of all segment sales by 2025.

Digital sales are growing at a similar rate in Asia and the United States. But while the U.S. is about following the global average of digital media sales, Asia is already ahead of the curve and will reach a majority of digital media sales from 2022 onwards.

With a sales share of currently only 27 percent, the media landscape in Europe lags behind when it comes to monetizing online content. Until 2025, that number is expected to rise by only 8 percentage points to 35 percent.

The media segments taken into account for the graphic are TV and video, music, radio and podcasts, games, newspapers and magazines as well as books.

Infographic: Where Digital Media is Making Strides | Statista


This chart shows the estimated share of digital products in all media revenue in different regions/countries (in percent).


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