The Power Of Gratitude! It’s Good For You & Your Business!

I want to start todays thought for the day by saying THANK YOU!  I appreciate you for  taking the time to be here and to share your thoughts. Hopefully we were all raised with saying please and thank you and we were taught to have a sense of appreciation for others. It might just be my experiences over recent years but it seems that we as a society are loosing our sense of gratefulness and kindness.  My hope is that we find it in ourselves to reconnect with each other around a sense of gratefulness and kindness in 2020.  By the way it’s not only good for you but it’s good for business.

If people truly are driven by selfish motivations then let me phrase this differently, demonstrating thankfulness will grow your business. I propose to you that people who demonstrate positive attitudes, gratefulness and kindness can raise higher awareness for what they are passionate about, accelerate sales cycles, close more business and retain their happy customers longer.

In a recent article by Forbes call “The Business Impact of Gratitude” Eric Mosley highlights some fantastic examples of how demonstrating gratitude changes the giver not just the receive. “The act of expressing gratitude makes us vulnerable and authentic, creating a powerful, human connection between the giver and the receiver.

Check out the article here:

I encourage you to Be the change you want to see!


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