B2B Marketing Trends 2020

Historically, B2B marketers have focused on converting new customers. But the B2B marketing landscape is maturing, and these marketers are learning from their B2C peers that it’s less expensive to keep an existing customer rather than bring in a new one.

To do this, marketing teams must align with the sales and accounts teams and take a more holistic approach to the customer journey—together. It’s happening in a variety of ways, from engaging in content marketing campaigns and playing in marketplaces like Alibaba and Amazon Business, to leveraging data more effectively and championing the cross-functional CMO.

We invite you to download a complimentary copy of eMarketer’s “B2B Marketing Trends 2020 Roundup” to help you understand the key trends for B2B marketers today. In this Roundup, we explore:

  • How B2Bs are leveraging data to cater to buyers
  • How SAP, HubSpot and Aetna are organizing data around the customer
  • How utilizing B2B marketplaces can help expand reach
  • How brands can unlock first-party data on LinkedIn

Receive my copy. This Roundup is made possible by Contentserv.


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