Delivering hyper-relevancy in an era of changing consumer expectations

As we continue to plan out 2020. I will bring you some of the leaders perspectives on the year ahead and the key trends that we can leverage in our business to get closer to our clients and build profitable relationships. MERKLE_2020_Marketing_Imperatives_email_header
Since 2012, Merkle’s Marketing Imperatives have been a guiding force for CMOs and their mission to create competitive advantage.

This year’s Marketing Imperatives, titled “Hyper-Personalization and the Connected Customer Experience,” represent a pivotal year, marked by a significant change in customer expectations, privacy regulation, and ultimately the influence of the CMO within their organization.

Take the reins by delivering relevant, personalized customer experiences, not only across media, channels, and devices, but also spanning the entire spectrum of customer relationships, from marketing to sales to service and beyond.

Download the 2020 Marketing Imperatives and register for the deep dive webinars to gain new insights and tools to remain competitive in an ever-evolving market.

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