IDC FutureScape Top 10 Predictions For the IT Industry

In this IDC FutureScape, IDC shares 10 predictions for the next five years that collectively tell the story of the transformation of enterprises into a new digital-first species — to succeed in the fast-approaching world of digital supremacy.

Summary of External Drivers

The complete list of drivers for all IDC FutureScapes can be found in Critical External Drivers Shaping Global IT and Business Planning, 2020 (IDC #US45540519, October 2019). Of those, the following eight drivers will have the greatest impact on over the next five years in the areas discussed in this document:

  The age of innovation: Driving the future enterprise

  Accelerated disruption: Navigating business challenges as volatility intensifies

  The platform economy: Competing at hyperscale

  Sense, compute, act: Maximizing data value

  Intelligence everywhere: AI’s opportunity and implications

  Economies of intelligence: AI, human, and organizational “learning” fuels asymmetrical advantage

  Rising customer expectations: More convenience, customization, and control

  Crisis of digital trust: Escalating threats mandate strategic responses

A fuller discussion of the external drivers underlying all the predictions in this IDC FutureScape can be found  by downloading the full report go here:

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