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I am heading out to participate in two Banking industry forums next week. Banks continue to face increased scrutiny and pressure to perform at a higher level of operating effectiveness and efficiency. Even in the midst of these increasing demands, internal auditors, risk officers, and compliance officers are challenged with auditing and monitoring the Bank’s operational, reporting, and compliance risks, oftentimes with limited resources. In addition, management teams and banks are trying to stay ahead of what is next.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the “right” kind of risk for banks to take
  • Identify potential areas of balance sheet realignment
  • Identify issues facing community banks
  • Identify regulatory compliance hot topics and strategies
  • Consider the latest concerns around privacy and cybersecurity
  • Comprehend the economic environment
  • Consider the key areas of focus around BSA
  • Discover regulators’ top areas of focus and concern
  • Network with peers to discuss how others address the challenges of community banking
  • Summarize financial reporting and tax hot topics
  • Receive a comprehensive CECL update

Interested in joining ? Please register at the below links:

Register For South Carolina Banking Forum


Register For North Carolina Banking Forum

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