Money 20/20 – Roadmap To Cognitive Customer Engagement – Warren Raisch Presentation

Money 20/20 Las Vegas – October 22nd- 25th.

Warren Raisch Presentation – Roadmap To Cognitive Customer Engagement For Financial Services

In the “Age Of The Customer” it is imperative that financial services firms keep pace with the demands and growing expectations of an empowered customer. Customers expect personalized engagement at every touch point. Scaling to meet customer demands has moved beyond what humans alone can deliver ushering in the “Cognitive Era”. To stay competitive and lead in your industry learn how to tap into the power of Artificial Intelligence and cognitive capabilities to empower your organization to transform and scale your operations, personalized customer experiences from customer acquisition through conversion and throughout the entire customer life-cycle.

Learn how leading banks, credit unions and nancial service rms are leveraging AI and cognitive to transform their customer experiences into cognitive engagements that scale to millions of customers.

In this session you will learn the following:

  • The Current State Of Cognitive In Financial Services
  • The Cognitive Maturity Model
  • Mapping Cognitive To Your Business ROI Applying Cognitive To Transforming Operations, Insights & Customer Experiences
  • How & Where To Get Started On Your Cognitive Journey
  • The Roadmap to Cognitive Customer Engagement

For a copy of the presentation contact

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