SalesForce Partners With IBM To Bring Cognitive AI power of Watson and Einstein Together For SalesForce Customers the world’s #1 CRM  has entered a landmark  partnership  with IBM Watson,  the world’s leading AI platform for business  to combine rich customer data  with IBM Watson AI capabilities.  The impact of these two global leaders coming together to create new customer engagement capabilities is huge.
IBM Watson
A new Cognitive Era is emerging  combining human and machine capabilities that is fundamentally changing how we are interfacing with computers and working to solve some of the worlds largest challenges in healthcare, finance and overall customer, employee and partner engagement.
Salesforce and IBM will deliver joint solutions  together designed to leverage artificial intelligence and enable companies to make smarter decisions, faster than ever before. With the partnership, IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein combined AI capabilities  will seamlessly connect to enable an entirely new level of intelligent customer engagement across sales, service, marketing,  and commerce.
IBM has invested over $1 billion in developing Watson as the worlds most advanced AI, continual learning technology. Working with some of the largest clients in the world IBM has proven that  Watson’s use of  a patented natural language interface  and  continual learning capabilities surpass any previous AI technologies on the market today. Watson is designed to think and teach like a human.  80% of the worlds data is in unstructured formats like posts and tweets and other messaging formats that typical search engines don’t find and analyze.   In recognition of this market leadership Salesforce will be leveraging  IBM Watson’s capability  to capture, analyze  and interpret massive structured and unstructured data  to make highly informed decisions in real time.
The new  IBM-Salesforce partnership  is expected to make it easier to glean insights from both platforms. By finding insights through Watson’s massive database including weather patterns, healthcare information, financial services and retail data  combining that with Einstein’scustomer-centric data, organizations can be more specific and contextual when targeting customers.
Together, Watson and Einstein will ingest, reason over and derive recommendations to accelerate decision making and drive greater customer success.
“Within a few years, every major decision—personal or business—will be made with the help of AI and cognitive technologies,” said Ginni Rometty, chairman, president and chief executive officer, IBM. “This year we expect Watson will touch one billion people—through everything from oncology and retail to tax preparation and cars. Now, with today’s announcement, the power of Watson will serve the millions of Salesforce and Einstein customers and developers to provide an unprecedented understanding of customers.”
Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 1.03.55 PM

“The combination of Einstein and Watson will make businesses smarter and our customers more successful,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, Salesforce. “I’m thrilled to form an alliance with IBM—no company’s core values are as close to Salesforce’s as IBM’s. It’s the best of both worlds.”


IBM and Salesforce will deliver joint solutions designed to leverage artificial intelligence and enable companies to make smarter decisions, faster than ever before. The partnership will bring insights from Watson directly into the Salesforce Intelligent Customer Success Platform, combining deep customer insights from Salesforce Einstein with Watson’s structured and unstructured data across many industries including healthcare, financial services, retail and weather.

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