2016 Mobile Search Trends Research

Mobile devices now account for a majority—or near majority—of online searches for almost every major industry. That’s according to an analysis which examined hundreds of millions of online search queries measured by Hitwise across multiple devices, including 3.5 million smartphones and tablets.

As marketers it is critical for us to leverage mobile, but as important, is for us to understand where to apply our limited marketing resources to within the mobile marketing opportunities.

Here is a look at how this mobile search traffic is impacting key industries:


The analysis, which leveraged the new AudienceViewTM platform, focused on a four-week period beginning April 10 and ending May 7, 2016 and included searches performed on all search engines. Smartphones and tablets, the analysis found, now account for 72% of online searches that result in a visit to a Food & Beverage site, the greatest of any of the analyzed sectors. The Health industry, too, sees a similarly high share of searches being initiated on a mobile device with 68% of searches resulting in a click to this industry coming from mobile.

Not every industry, however, has reached the point where a majority of searches are coming from mobile. The Banking sector, for instance, gets just 39% of searches from mobile, the lowest of any analyzed industry. But as is illustrated below there are a number of highly targeted areas where investment in mobile marketing and enablement makes sense including local search marketing.


Download the full report here:



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