The State of People-Based Marketing

Are you ready to start marketing to real people instead of channels and devices?
One of our  technology partners LiveRamp, an Acxiom company is deeply involved with connecting omni-channel data back to individual behavior of people.  Since Facebook first introduced the term “people-based marketing” at Advertising Week 2014, the concept has rapidly taken off. Brand marketers are excited by the promise of executing and measuring campaigns at the level of real people (instead of devices), and want the benefits of people-based marketing everywhere. LiveRamp commissioned an industry study of marketers at large brands across several sectors in September 2016. The key findings uncovered from the study can be found in their report: The State of People-Based Marketing.
The research finds that People-based marketing (the ability to recognize a customer or prospect, on all their digital devices, and on any marketing platform) is not just a marketing buzzword. Nearly all marketers (over 90%) agree that the ability to execute people-based marketing in digital channels is of significant importance.
To better understand the current efforts and challenges in executing people-based marketing download the report today to learn:

– How marketers rate the importance of people-based marketing
– The percentage of marketers using an identity resolution vendor
– Marketers’ perceptions about the role and importance of emerging technologies
– And more!

Download here:

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