Driving Local Revenue With Consumer Generated Content

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Mark your calendars for July 20th, as I am joined by Joe Keenan from Total Retail, Todd Werden from Boston Retail Partners and BazaarVoice to share with you the power of combining Local Search Marketing with Consumer Generated Content.  Over 30% of Google searches are local. Are you being found for the searches that matter most to your business? Join us for an interactive webinar where we’ll cover the top strategies our customers use to ensure they are being found online. In this session we’ll hear why local SEO is one of the highest converting marketing strategies.  We’ll share a series of techniques that have proven to deliver double-digit search traffic improvements, higher in-store traffic and conversions.
Attend this webinar and learn:
  • How to take your SEO to even higher performance levels by combining the power of Consumer Generated Content with local search marketing
  • Best strategies to optimize for local SEO
  • Ready to capture this opportunity? Register now!
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  • Joe Keenan, Executive Editor – Total Retail 
  • Todd Werden, Vice President – Boston Retail Partners 
  • Warren Raisch, Chief Customer Officer – Rio SEO

Join us for this free webinar to learn haw to activate one of the highest converting channels in your marketing arsenal:

Click on the below link to register now!



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