Mobile Ready Or Not?

I have had the great pleasure of presenting several times with Greg Sterling, VP, Strategy & Insights, Local Search Association on the power of local and mobile marketing solutions.  Greg has developed a new white paper for SMB’s to help prepare for the mobile opportunity. Below is a summary and link to download the report:


Executive Summary:


Small business is the driver of job creation in the US economy. Over the past decade and a half small businesses (SMBs) have been responsible for more than 60% of all job growth. That’s why it’s worrisome that a large percentage of SMBs are not keeping pace with changes in the market and consumer behavior.

As consumers have embraced mobile phones and the mobile Internet. SMBs and even enterprises have lagged behind. BuzzBoard, which commissioned this report and provided some of its data, found that roughly 47.3% of all SMB websites across the US are not mobile ready.

Other data sources show even larger numbers unprepared. Not waiting for businesses
to catch up, consumers have embraced mobile search and apps as primary tools to find local business information.

According to Google there are now more search queries coming from smartphones than desktop computers. This is particularly true when it comes to local business lookups. It’s a major milestone—a point of no return—that holds significant implications for SMBs and their communities.

Mobile represents an existential threat to SMBs that fail to adapt. That’s be- cause consumers increasingly reject websites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices and will seek out mobile-ready competitors. In these moments of decision, sales are lost and opportunities missed. Accordingly the time is now to build a mobile presence or upgrade an ineffective one.

This report documents the accelerating consumer shift to mobile search and the mobile internet. It also makes tactical and practical recommendations for busi- ness owners in the process of getting mobile ready.

To download the full report click on the below link:


Post By: Warren Raisch  March 22, 2016

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