The world of Search is going mobile. From store look-ups to product research, during last week’s webinar with Rio SEO, a representative from Fred Meyer Jewelers confirmed what recent studies have been showing: consumers are increasingly turning to mobile to find, research and sometimes transact with local businesses.

Warren Raisch, Chief Customer Officer of Rio SEO, offered some compelling stats and commentary around what the mobile local search space looks like today. Jodie L. Roberts, digital marketing manager of Fred Meyer Jewelers, outlined the impact mobile is having on the national chain’s business.

Jodie said that they have seen double digit growth in “navigation actions” on mobile such as view location, search location and view map on their mobile local landing pages. In addition, in 2015 the company saw a 124% increase year-over-year in revenue coming from mobile.

With numbers like that, Warren went into detail around ways to capture this growing mobile audience and provided some tactics for all businesses to make the most of mobile local search traffic. Here are some of the takeaways:

  • It’s imperative to know how your brand stands today in terms of mobile experience and local search visibility
  • Being effective in mobile takes an umbrella approach across SEO, directory listing consistency, user experience, and reputation management
  • Brands can go beyond SEO with integration to cross-channel initiatives like loyalty programs, social feeds, and app downloads
  • Multi-location brands need technology to scale efforts and take ownership of their local search success

Check out the entire webinar below:

– See more at: http://www.lsainsider.com/300-location-jeweler-explores-consumer-shift-to-mobile-search/archives/#sthash.qrV4rdaQ.SqyTkTe9.dpuf

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