Content Marketing Tactical Approach

Marketing Sherpa is offering a new research report on  ‘ A Tactical Approach To Content Marketing” .

People research before they buy. The average shopper used 10.4 sources of information to make a
purchase decision in 2011, up from 5.3 sources a year earlier, according to a study from Google and
Shopper Sciences.

Content marketing fits this trend. Marketers supply an assortment  of content pieces – from blogs and webinars, to whitepapers and
videos – to help shoppers and corporate decision makers solve  problems and learn how their companies can help.  Content marketing is not a direct sales strategy. It is a gradual and  ongoing strategy, which makes it harder to execute well and  measure effectively. Brands need to systematically work to
understand where their customers are in the buying cycle, where  they can insert their content, and what the return will be for their

Bottom Line: the more relevant the content, the better the chance  of connecting with customers and improving results.
This Special Report looks at how marketers can develop a useful and tactical approach to content

Highlights of this report include:
• An examination of content products in terms of usage, effectiveness and difficulty to execute
• The extent to which content improves organic search traffic conversion rates
• The role of content in high-performing lead nurturing programs
• A roadmap for identifying and fulfilling content needs
• Budget allocations for content and its inbound marketing counterparts – SEO and social media
• An approach to connect the dots and measure content marketing results
• Insights on marketers’ successes and challenges with content marketing

For the full report visit Marketing Sherpa at:


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