2012 KPCB Trends Year-End Update – A Time of Empowerment!

Mary Meeker just published another great research presentation. Click below to view the full presentation:

The report is very insightful and puts a spotlight on several key things that inspired me. I read it from an entrepreneurial and optimistic perspective and came away feeling that we live in a time of empowerment like never before. I am entering 2013 with a spirit of optimism and realism.  Here are my personal key interpretations of some key points:
1) Technology disruption is happening at a faster rate than ever before. We need to embrace disruption and leverage it!
2) We are living in an asset light time. With many of your physical assets moving into the cloud. We are able to get up and go with a smartphone or tablet in hand and have an enormous amount of data and power in our hands.
3) We live in a time of “Fearless & Connected” people. I believe is is time  to step up and take control of creating the future that we want to live in. I hear a battle cry for entrepreneurs, passionate causes and individuals with purpose to step fully into this new digital world and use the empowerment that has been given to us.
4) Mobile is the empowerment “Tipping Point”!  Mobile truly is the vehicle for empowering the masses with access to apps, information & resources that is
We have never had more opportunity to re-imagine, re-create and innovate on a personal and professional level than this exact moment right now.
What will you do in 2013 with this amazing empowerment?
– Post by Warren Raisch

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