The Transformational Power Of A Digital State Of Mind

Digital has transformed from being a technology or a channel to being an empowering  mindset with unlimited social & business impact on a global basis. Governments are rising and falling based on their digital mindsets.
Empowered connected  individuals are the new norm.  Globalization and collaboration  are transforming our views of competition and marketplaces. New rules of engagement are being formed.  A passion for embracing change is a new life skill that will serve you well as you navigate the new paths.
Digital is now a way of thinking and has set a new global stage with an air of optimism, excitement and expectation around everything we do, think, touch and experience.
The digital mindset can be experienced through all of the screens that have become a persistent part of our connected “always on” daily lives,  to nano chips in our clothes, automobiles, kitchens and living rooms that are measuring our food intake, heart rates, footsteps, activities, social time and purchase behaviors throughout our day.
Entire industry’s are being transformed or collapsed based on their digital mindsets. Look at Healthcare & Education industries which have been the laggards of the digital revolution, now both industries are under massive transformation.  Healthcare & Fitness are now being transformed by digital devices.  Education is breaking out of  institutional walls and crossing borders through collaborative and distance learning platforms that are allowing access to knowledge on a global scale.
New Empowerment Equals New Relationships 
The connected word is empowering people to rethink the old rules that governed relationships  such as doctor to patient, teacher to student and governments to people.  The new norm of empowered knowledgable connected people levels the playing field and changes the relationship dynamics.
This empowerment can be a strong force for both positive or negative changes in our society. Being an optimist, my hope for the future is that we all leverage knowledge access and connectivity to drive positive social and economic change.  The new relationship models call for an equalizing of the power base which will make those controlling the old model power base uncomfortable.  The new norm for those of us with “Digital Mindsets” is to always be uncomfortable, always questioning and exploring the new opportunities to improve, to become better. Living in a constant state of change requires a new mindset and skill set .
Don’t Just Accept Change – Embrace it!
 ignite passion in yourself and your organizations to embrace change as a new mandate of personal and business growth.  The reality is that we are all living in a time where we are experiencing change at a record pace  at all levels of our lives from our core families, to our communities, governments, jobs, weather patterns to how we communicate with each other.  Some of these changes we can impact other not so much.
A Positive Attitude is Critical!
Change can be stressful. But if we keep the positive mindset and attitude of what can be achieved  through the new opportunities that are presented by change  then our minds will be free to find positive outcomes.  Every moment that you spend stressing over situations is a waisted opportunity to drive positive changes.  The one thing I have learned over the years is that your attitude is the one thing you can control and it is the one thing that will drive more positive change in your life than any other internal or external factor that  you might be facing.  On my business cards I have a quote from Lou Holtz that says :
” Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it”.
Those that do not embrace a positive, collaborative, social and purpose driven view of the digital age will  certainly not be the leaders we are talking about and working with in the coming years.

Embrace change, leverage the new opportunities and focus on maintaining  a positive attitude in everything you do and you will be driving personal and professional growth for years to come.

Post by Warren Raisch


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