Online Shopping Customer Experience Study

Introducing the Online Shopping Customer Experience Study 

Comscore Online Shopper Report
Comscore Online Shopper Report.

The Online Shopping Customer Experience Study provides insights into consumers’ online shopping behaviors and preferences. Other online shopping surveys have focused on purchase or web usability, but this particular survey bridges that gap with a view of perceptions on customer experience from pre-purchase through post-delivery. This study also provides a clear picture of which shipping and post-purchase services enhance customer experience. Topics included are:

 What are the most/least important aspects of past online shopping experiences?

 What leads a site user to return to or recommend a site?

 What is important to consumers during the check-out process?

 What shipping services and options do consumers find most valuable?

 How important is tracking and what delivery services are preferred?

 What are consumers’ returns experiences and what aspects are important in a returns process?

 How do all of the services offered during and after the online purchasing experience impact the overall impression of that online retailer?

The study analyzes the data from a comScore survey of more than 3,100 U.S. online shoppers conducted in February 2012. All shoppers surveyed had to meet the criteria of making at least two online purchases in a typical 3-month period. Additionally, an online focus group was held on January 12, 2012. Participants met in a virtual online forum where they were asked about a series of topics related to online shopping and logistics, including shipping and returns. This forum allowed participants to respond to online discussion questions as well as other participants’ comments throughout the course of the focus group.

This report will provide retailers with the necessary insights into what steps they must take to satisfy their customers, thereby increasing customer loyalty as well as the lifetime value of customers.

Key Findings 

While online shoppers are generally very satisfied, there is room to improve their satisfaction related to shipping and returns. While free shipping is a great motivator, drawing shoppers back to sites to make repeat purchases and causing shoppers to recommend an online retailer, consumers are willing to pay a nominal fee for getting their product faster. When comparison shopping, consumers take product price and shipping charges almost equally into consideration.

Download the full report by clicking on the link below:

As we approach the Holiday shopping season it pays to apply all of the key learnings you can to optimize your online shopping experience and campaigns.

Please let us know about your experiences.

Happy Holidays!


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