Linkedin Hacked – 6.64 Million Passwords compromised!

This morning 6.46 million LinkedIn passwords were compromised during a security breach. A hacker says he has stolen 6,458,020 encrypted passwords and posted them online (without usernames) to prove his feat. The breach comes on the heels of news that LinkedIn’s iOS app potentially violates user privacy by sending detailed calendar entries to its servers.

Directions for changing your password here:

More info from LinkedIn:


5 thoughts on “Linkedin Hacked – 6.64 Million Passwords compromised!

  1. Alastair, thanks for the great article on password security. Today security is top of mind for many of us and I hope by getting the word out quickly people can avoid any problems. But it sounds like from your article if Hashing alone is the only method used that compromised passwords may still be an issue.

  2. Warren


    Speed is of the essence In this sort of situation.

    I would argue that web site operators, whose systems are compromised, have a duty of care to their users to communicate the need to change their passwords quickly.

    It will take time (not long though – even for 6M) for hackers to work out the passwords in plain text. Alas, the sudden spate of issues at eHarmony and others in the last few hours suggest that they are moving very quickly.

    It also underscores the importance of not using the same password everywhere, however appealing that might be when everything looks sunny…



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