3 KEYS TO INFLUENCE: Understanding and Leveraging Social Capital

3 Key Social Media Influence Factors
Social Media Research

As we review social media impact one key factor of course is your personal influence and the influence of your brand in the social channels. Awareness Social Marketing Software put together an interesting Whitepaper outlining three keys to leveraging your “Social Capital”. Below is a link to the whitepaper and a summary of the research:

Download the research whitepaper – Click here:



As a marketer, what’s your ultimate objective? Sure, your performance may be judged by a very specific set of metrics, but at the end of the day your objective is to influence your audience.

We want to influence people to believe certain things, to behave in certain ways and ultimately to consume or buy our products and services.

Influence is the single most effective and most enduring marketing asset.

3 Keys to Influence: Understanding and Leveraging Social Capital gives marketers a framework for maximizing their social influence strategy. You will discover:


  • 90 percent of all purchases are subject to social influence.
  • 90 percent of consumers trust recommendations from people they know.
  • 67 percent of shoppers spend more money online after seeing recommendations from friends.
  • Sharing and recommendation behavior is growing: 75 percent of Facebook users have “Liked” a brand, and 53 percent of Twitter users have recommended companies or products.
  • Fans of brands are 51 percent more likely to buy.
  • Sharing features can increase the spread of awareness by 246 percent with “Likes” and 98 percent with “Send to a friend.”

3 Best practices for leveraging social capital

  • Tools and techniques for measuring your brand’s relationships in the social realm
  • The differences between internal and external influence and how to take advantage of each

In preparing this white paper, Awareness reviewed published materials on the subject of influence, including the latest
work from Altimeter Group analyst Brian Solis, The Rise of Digital Influence, a number of industry white papers, and the bestseller Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini. We also talked to industry experts such as Dave Balter, founder of the social marketing company BzzAgent, which connects a global network of 400 million shoppers to brands seeking product reviews and support; Sue Frech, CEO of Social Media Link who runs brand activation platform Smiley360, a new community of over 300,000 consumer influencers; and Pierre-Loïc Assayag, chief disrupter at Traackr, a platform that helps brands find the influencers who matter most to them. We also put some influencer tools to the test, including Traackr, PeekYou, Kred, mBlast, PeerIndex, Radian6, Visible Technologies and Listorious.

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