I saw this interesting post by Marian Berelowitz at our parent company JWT this morning.

Just as Facebook commerce appears to belosing some of its luster, one company is pitching Twitter as a platform for purchasing. By linking users’ PayPal and Twitter accounts, Chirpify is offering brands a way to “monetize your followers” and make transactions “frictionless.” The service also enables person-to-person payments and donations via tweets. “Purchases and donations are as simple as replying to a Tweet: ‘@favoritebrand Buy,’ or ‘@politician Donate,’ for example,” says a press release.

So far one brand, PowerBar, has signed on.GigaOm makes some good points about the potential for brands, noting that consumers will surely “unfollow” if sales pitches are too frequent or offers not notable enough, but the tool could also stimulate impulse buying, and great offers could go viral. —

Image credit: Chirpify.com

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