Digitaria EVP Warren Raisch Discusses Digital Health Revolution


Digitaria EVP Warren Raisch Discusses Digital Health Revolution

Athena hosts health and technology experts on the industry-changing potential of digital innovation

San Diego, CA (February 28, 2012) – Joining a panel of digital health experts, Digitaria Executive Vice President Warren Raisch will discuss the benefits of technological innovation on the traditional medical and healthcare markets, as part of a panel sponsored by Athena, Thursday, March 1, at 5:30 p.m.

Moderated by Teri Louden, president of the Louden Network, the panel also features James M Sweeney, chairman and CEO of PatientSafe Solutions and John Mattison, MD, assistant medical director, CMIO, Kaiser Permanente, SCAL and will be hosted at Mintz-Levin in San Diego.

Raisch, a 25-year Silicon Valley veteran, will present opportunities and challenges for technology in the growing digital healthcare world, including wireless diagnostics allowing for 24/7 monitoring, the role of social media, how digital management will play a significant part for those with chronic diseases, and the digital transformation of clinical trials. Panelists will also highlight the unique regulatory challenges faced within the healthcare industry and the potential of the growing and less regulated direct-to-consumer medical marketplace in the technological revolution.

“Marrying the innovation in technology and the innovation in the labs has the potential to completely transform the way patients receive care, education and monitoring,” Raisch said. “It’s finally time to bring these developments to an industry that affects everyone.”



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