Marketing Wisdom for 2012: Real-Life Stories of Success

In 2011 we continued to see a huge growth in Online Marketing. Today more than ever online marketing must be a part of your marketing mix. As we start to roll-out or 2012 marketing efforts it is good to look back at the recent success that has been achieved in online channels such as social, mobile and location based marketing. Read some of the great revelations that came out of the recent MarketingSherpa & Hubspot report on real life “Marketing Wisdom” in this great report that you can download from the below link:

Marketing Wisdom – Report Summary:

MarketingSherpa and HubSpot recently asked marketers to share their most helpful marketing anecdotes from 2011, and then compiled more than 100 of the best responses in their report, Marketing Wisdom for 2012: Real-Life Stories of Success and Lessons Learned.

Read how you and your peers leveraged social media into sales, tested and optimized efforts for better returns, and integrated timeless best practices to prove great marketing tactics never go out of style.

Marketing Wisdom for 2012 reveals:
How marketers are fine-tuning email marketing campaigns to create buzz. Consider the story of Sharon Gillenwater, BoardRoom Insiders, who has learned not to overthink content and focus on authenticity after a hastily drafted article produced the highest response ever.

The explosive growth of online marketing, and how marketers are taking advantage of it. Consider Jake Maki, DataOne Software, who discovered that creating landing pages for his pay-per-click campaigns doubled conversion overnight.

How marketers are using the gamut of social media tools, beyond Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, to drive ROI. Heidi Cohen, Riverside Marketing Strategies, shares a simple, five-step process to involve an entire organization in a social media campaign.

Why testing and optimization is now a top priority. Bob Shrilla, Keepsakes, Inc./Simply Bags, knew his return on marketing investment before he even spent a dime by testing a beach-bag marketing program on Google AdWords.

Why, even with new technology and methodologies, marketers still mustn’t overlook the tried and true. Consider the experience of Sharron Dark, 5 Star Virtual Assistants, who received the highest response from newspaper ads, postcards and word-of-mouth.

Download the complimentary report Marketing Wisdom for 2012: Real-Life Stories of Success and Lessons Learned, sponsored by HubSpot.


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