The Tablet Revolution! Are you Ready?

Tablets are driving a revolution in the media, web, print and overall content space. driven largely by the success of the iPad introduction in 2010 the tablet has become an entirely new digital third media channel for content lving between the PC experience and Mobile Smartphones. Though the tablet usage is still only at around 5% of the market it is projected to be as high as 20% of the U.S. consumer market by 2014. This represents a major shift in engagement marketing with consumers. Tablets offers print like content with the interactivity of the web and the mobility of the Smartphone. 

 Living between the worlds of print, SmartPhones and Web the Tablet is  becoming a major interaction point between consumers, brands and publishers. Add to this social aspects and location based capabilities and the Tablet represents the perfect storm for exploding into a new rich channel for marketers to support. Many eCommerce sites are already seeing up to 20% or more of their traffic coming in from Tablet devices. Are you ready with your content, your eCommerce platforms and your Points of Sale ? 

In a recent post on Internet Retailer they share some projections the growth of Tablets:

Two recent reports talk tablets, and they’re both bullish on the devices.

Harris Interactive predicts one in five U.S. consumers will own a tablet computer by 2014. And consultancy Forrester Research Inc. predicts that, when the final numbers are in for 2010, U.S. consumers will have purchased 10.3 million tablets during the year. Forrester forecasts annual sales of tablets will rise to 82 million by 2015—to reach a cumulative sales total of 195 million between 2010 and 2015.

In its report, “Tablets Will Grow as Fast as MP3 Players,” Forrester predicts that tablets will resemble MP3 players and smartphones more than PCs in that many consumers will upgrade their models with each new release. For example, Forrester forecasts a significant number of iPad buyers will trade up for the second-generation iPad in 2011, and foresees that trend continuing for several years.  

Beginning in 2012, more tablets will sell per year than notebooks, Forrester predicts. for the full article check out the link below:

So overall the Tablet represents an exciting new channel and immersive marketing opportunity. Let us know your thoughts.

Post by Warren Raisch | August 11, 2011

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