Top 10 2011 Social Sites Reviewed

Top Ten Social Networking Sites

I came accross an interesting site that reviews the Top 10 Social Networking Sites in detail.  Below is a quick review of the top 10 social networking sites based on such things as Top Rankings, Demographics, Profiles, Security and other key features of the social site.  I had a little trouble getting the images to be clear so I appologize for the eye chart, you should definitely click through the the site to reivew the research in detail.  To be honest there are a few of these that I have never heard of like PerfSpot and Zorpia and I was kind of surprised to see on the list. It could be because they are more popular in foreign markets or maybe I am just not cool enoough to be invited to them.  Either way it is interesting to review the top 10. 

Based on their overall rankings here are the top 10 Social Networking Sites in 2011 so far.

  3. BEBO
  5. HIGH5
  6. ORKUT
  10. HABBO

Here is a link to the site for more details:

Top 10 2011 Social Networking Websites Review Comparisons
Top 10 2011 Social Networking Websites Review Comparisons

 Top 10 2011 Social Networking Websites Review Comparisons

 Top 10 2011 Social Networking Websites Review ComparisonsTop 10 2011 Social Networking Websites Review Comparisons2

3 thoughts on “Top 10 2011 Social Sites Reviewed

  1. Fascinating. I’ve never seen a side-by-side comparison of social sites by feature/function. Like desktop software, almost. Of course, it does not account for the Social part of Social Networking. Namely, who else is there, how many are they, what do they do, and above all, do you know them. But that makes it all the more interesting. It’s a good question: all human things being equal, how to networking sites compare? Next question, what impact, if any, does functionality have on the success or failure of each network? And if not functionality, what does? Thanks for posting.

    1. Thanks Chris – Yes it’s interesting to compare across feature sets. With Facebook in partucular adding more features each quarter it is a good question as to how big an influence the feature set is versus the members. I have been thinking that the dividing lines were going to become more pronounced around age, demographics or vertical niche focus but it will be interesting to see if the Social site development and popularity is influenced by feature sets or perhaps even by such classicly important factors as Ease of Use ala the success of the Apple Iverse line up.

  2. I heard that Friendster is doing a revamp…from what I understood from the article I read they are going to be more “friendly” (excuse the pun) with FaceBook – good move if that’s the case. It’s very interesting watching the other social media sites try to compete. Great review, I too have never seen a side by side comparison. Thanks.

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