The Facebook Marketing Update Spring 2011


Facebook Marketing Update 2011
Facebook Marketing Update 2011

The Facebook Marketing Update– Spring 2011

Hot off the digital presses is a new eBook that is free compliments of The eBook contains great insights into the latest in Facebook Marketing.  You can Download now at:

The Introduction to the book is below . For the full eBook download from the link above. Thanks Hubspot for another great eBook to help all of us navigate the emerging media


 By| Jeff Ente, Director | Who’s Blogging What?

When Mark Zuckerberg addressed the audience at  on his promise of “the most transformative thing we’ve ever done for the web”. Zuckerberg’s  presentation didn’t contain much in the way of new goals, the important takeaways were the speed and energy with which Facebook was now following a direction already well known.  At the previous event, with just shy of 100 million users, they had announced Facebook Connect tosupport their objective that “social platforms would now focus on the Web, not social networks themselves”. Now, with more than 400 million users, Facebook was rapidly providing the tools for a Web that is indexed by personal relationships and preferences. The user will now be at the center of their own Web experience and Facebook will be helping them to get there. Links will be supplanted by Likes. Marketers have to look beyond and consider the opportunities being provided to their own site. Zuckerberg revealed Facebook’s name for the new paradigm: The Open Graph.

In March 2011 the Like button gained added functionality and a commenting system was announced to provide social relevance to Web feedback . Meanwhile Facebook continued to enhance the Pages that businesses use as their home base on

This eBook looks at the recent opportunities with insights as to how Web marketers can use and benefit from them. Facebook now has approximately 600 million users and they most likely know something about your customers. These are some guidelines for an effective partnership.


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