Facebook-Studio.com Launches aimed at Embracing the Ad Agency Community

Facebook Studio.com

The agency world has been working to get a closer relationship with Facebook to leverage the powerful global network. Facebook took a step forward in building that relationship this week by launching  a new site called Facebook-Studio.com. The site is aimed at the ad agencies &  the creative community .  The site offers a “Showcase”  section where marketers and creatives can upload their work and share it with the community.  It also is a place  for featuring Facebook Apps, Pages and  the Facebook Platform itself . The site also provides  a learning center for how to use Facebook for brand marketing. They are hoping it will be a resource center for the ad agency and marketing community that want to leverage the Facebook platform.

The site  also provides videos and articles on how to leverage Facebook marketing services,  advertising and sponsorships. In addition the site provides  information on how to leverage their location based services Facebook Places & Deals.   I work at an interactive agency and I am glad to see Facebook making efforts to embrace the agency community.   I believe there is a huge opportunity to leverage the Facebook platform to build and expand brands and I am looking forward to seeing the community involvement.

Check out the site at Facebook-studio.com . Let us know what you think.

Successful Social Marketing!

Warren Raisch Post 04/20/2011


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