Join Me at the eMetrics Event in San Francisco

eMetrics 2011

Connecting To The Digital Consumer – Requires a New “Always-On” Mindset

This week I will be in San Francisco  representing my company, Digitaria by actively participating, sponsoring and exhibiting at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit again this year on March 13-16th.  Marketing leaders from a cross mix of industries are gathering in San Francisco at the eMetrics Summit to share thought leadership on measurable marketing strategies required to build a Data Driven Marketing culture and organization.

We live in a  “Always-On”, highly connected world . As a marketer it can be challenging to know how and when to appropriatly connect the dots to reach the digital consumer.   One thing  for sure is that we all need to get better at  tuning in and listening and learning from what the digital consumer is saying and doing.

Their is a major shift underway from traditional marketing , which was centered on speaking at consumers to speaking with consumers. to a new breed of “Always-on”  marketing that needs to be fine tuned to different channels and different devices in context.  Digitaria and the other key participants will be demonstrating how todays marketers can measure, optimize and increase their return on online marketing investments.  I will be presenting  and exhibiting  the latest advances in Marketing Analytics.   To be a successful marketer today it is critical to think and act from a Measurement Mindset. Effective marketing requires measurement and optimization of cross-channel and cross-device marketing in the areas traditional and emerging media, web, mobile &  social.


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