Marketing Convergence Interview | Warren Raisch

Warren Raisch Video Interview
Warren Raisch Video interview

 As I covered in my last post,  Marketing Convergence is happing at an accelerated pace and I believe the convergence of the Web, Social Marketing and Mobile represents one of the largest opportunities for companies to extend their brand to consumers on a global basis.  I also stated my belief that all marketing should be “Social Marketing” from this point forward. We have crossed a chasm or a tipping point in the consumer driven marketplace that is now makes it a business imparative to engage consumers on a social level. 

 Marketing at it’s best is a conversation between the brand and the consumer that is ongoing.  It starts at the consideration point and carries on through the selection of your product or services and throughout the life-cycle of your customers. More and more the lines are blurring between what a “Brand Experience” is. Is it your advertising and marketing? Is it your Customer Care? Is it your PR activities?  Is it your iPhone App that consumers carry with them 24 hours a day on their mobile device?  The answer of course is that it is all of these things and more. These activities and offerings I listed above are under your control.  Of course we all know that our brand perception is not all under our control any longer. The Social Factor is now having more influence on your brand than all of these activities combined.

In my interview  I speak about the importance of Social and Mobile specifically but the key message is that all marketing is social and that it is imperative to think cross-channel and cross-device as you plan and execute your marketing.   Here is a link to the video interview:

It is going to become commonplace in the near future in the U.S. for consumers to be shopping with their mobile devices in hand and while they are standing in front of your product they will be checking out the professional and social reviews of the product while also price shopping, searching for discounts and reading about alternatives. This “Brand-in-the-Hand” experience has the potential to make or break your company going forward.  The scenario I just described is already commonplace in European and Asian markets. We are actually playing catch up with the rest of the world due to their rapid  adoption of mobile early on as an alternative network to land lines and traditional carriers in their markets.

Once again here is a link to the interview:

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