Social Media Revolution Version 2

Social Media Revolution Version 2
Social Media Revolution Version 2

Check out this updated version of Social Media Revolution. This Version 2 was posted on May 6, 2010 and is an update to the key Social Marketing facts published in 2009.  The video highlights key facts about the amazing growth and pervasiveness of Social Media.  The video points out that the ROI of Social Media is that you will be in business in 5 years. It is no longer a nice to have element of your business it is quickly becoming an imparative element of market survival.  Competitors who get Social and use it as a competitive advantage will take clear maket leadership in the coming years.  Check out the video and let us know your thoughts.

Posted by: Warren Raisch, how to succeed in Social Media.

One thought on “Social Media Revolution Version 2

  1. Warren: Thanks for the post. Very compelling metrics! Given the shift in consumer participation to being active reviewers of products/services, the impact to businesses is significant. A few bad reviews or opinions posted to a social network could have a dramatic impact on business measures like revenue and profit. So, as you indicated, engaging in social media is a must have for any business.

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