New Social Media Metrics Book – Just out!

Social Media Metrics
Social Media Metrics

Measuring the impact of Social Media is a top priority for many didgital marketers today.  Marketers from across multiple industries have been working to define the right  set of Social Metrics ranging from using traditional PR metrics to digital advertising metrics  The reality is that Social Media has overlap with the other forms of marketing but also represents it’s own channel characteristics.  My friend Jim Sterne, the founder of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit and co-founder of the Web Analytics Association, just came out with a new book this month called “Social Media Metrics And How To Measure Your Marketing Investment” . Jim was kind enough to give me a copy and I dove into it on the plane ride back from San Jose. The book provides a solid foundation for measuring Social Media through the lenses of Awareness, Reach, Attitude/Sentiment, Influence and Results. As Jim points out in his introduction;

The book is about:

– Measuring The business value of social media

– Measuring the importance of social media to organizations

– Making the most of social media for businss in a community-acceptable band enhancing way

– How to engage the value of your social media efforts.

It is not:

– Measuring social media ‘s size and popularity

– Measuring the importance of social media to mankind

– Auto-posting and auto-tweeting you your make -money-fast message in a scorched earth marketing way

– how to do social media really well

Most of us believe that Social Marketing is impactful but until we standardize on a set of acceptable Social Media Metrics we will be challenged to defend that position and to secure and maintain the marketing budgets needed to commit to a long range Social Media Strategy for our companies and clients.

Here is a link to check out the new Social Metrics book: 

Social Media Metrics: How to Measure and Optimize Your Marketing Investment (New Rules Social Media Series) 

Here is quick videos of Jim speaking about the release of his new book: 

While catching up with Jim at the San Jose eMetrics event he mentioned that he was combining several events to align with the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summits.  The newest strategy is  centered around combining forces with another friend, Tim Ash and having dual events with The Conversion Conference running in parallel to the eMetrics events. in key cities. Judging from the turn out and the positive buzz from the San Jose events I’d say it is a very promising combination of events. I’ve been speaking at and attending the eMetrics events for many years and I highly recommend the events, both from a content and learning perspective as well as a networking community perspective.  In Toronto they have been synchronizing their eMetrics events for the past few years with the SMX (Search Marketing Exhibition). This has proven to be a solid strategy as well.   The events bring together digital marketers from across multiple industries and always offer  a solid line up of featured presentations and seminars from thought leaders, companies and consultants bringing with the best practices from across the digital fronteir. 

Here is a link to learn more about the Conversion Conference 

Here is a link to the eMetrics Events 

Post By Warren Raisch: May 2010 – Social Marketing

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