Facebook Announces Social Graph – A move Forward for the Social Web? Or simply a move to make Facebook more pervasive?


Facebook Open Graph

Facebook Open Graph


Mark Zuckerburg Annonces Facebook  Open Graph

 Mark Zuckerburg anounced at this months F8 conference the launch of Facebooks Open Graph platform which enables many of the Facebook social networking capabilities to be linked to sites outside of Facebook on other content sites like www.CNN.com  news sites, www.Pandora.com music site and Microsofts new site www.docs.com, which allows you to link and share docs with your Facebook freinds. 

The vision is that site owners will begin to use the Facebook Open Graph API and Social Plug-ins to add social functionality to their sites without having to build it themselves. With Open Graph capabilities added to your site visitors will automatically have a one-to-one personal experience with your site by having their social profile on Facebook used on the site to bring in social information about the site such as who among your  friends liked this site,  if it’s a music site, then what music your friends like,  who  among your freinds wrote a review  or commented on the site etc. It also alows you to click on a facebook LIKE  button on the site and start adding sites to your personal Facebook Social Graph that others could follow.

As you move around the Web to sites that use the Open graph API and Social Plug-ins you will begin to have a highly personalized experience of those sites immediatly upon visiting the site.  Watch the announcements and demonstrations below and let us know what you think. Is this a step forward for the Social Web or simply a way for Facebook to become more pervasive? It would be great to hear your thoughts.

Post by Warren Raisch, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategies, Social Media Technologies,  Social Media Success Stories


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