Google Launches “Buzz” Taking on Twitter & Facebook

Google Buzz Logo
Google Buzz

Google launched a new Social platform called Buzz this week, squarely taking on the dominance of Twitter in the micro-blogging space and Facebook in the Social destination space.   Buzz is more than just micro-blogging though it takes the conversation metaphor to a new level by integrating directly into Gmail which takes a major step towards making  Buzz both a social and productivity enhancing tool. They also integrate media really well into the application making it very engaging  to share your media, taking on facebook head on.  Also, with their new  mobile app available at you can enhance your mobile experiences.  which works with the iPhone and Andriod phones now and more to follow. They enhance the mobile experience of searching on from a mobile device and new enhancements to  mobile Google  Maps that takes the application of Buzz to new levels of relevance. Making location a high-ranking relevancy factor. So it is not only WHAT you say but WHERE you are saying it that is a major factor. Really interesting launch.  Check out the Launch videos below and let us know what you think.

The Intro Video for Google Buzz – A Short Summary of the new product:

Below is the official launch webcast from the Google headquarters: It’s about 45 minutes of video so watch when you have time or put it on in the background while you are working. If you don’t have time to watch the launch video here are the top 5 take aways:

Key Google Buzz Features:

1) Auto Follow- No need to set up a new list to follow. Google Buzz reads your Follow list and brings it into Buzz

2) Rich Fast Media sharing Experience –

3) Public & Private Sharing  Available

4) Gmail Inbox Integration – Buzz is fully integrated into your Gmail inbox with live real time Social Updates

5) Just the Good Stuff – Google filters the social updates and highlights the “Good Stuff” and callapses the rest. It also looks outside of your network and makes “Recommendations” to you.

Google Buzz Top 5 Features
Google Buzz Top 5 Features

Think Conversation Post: Warren Raisch, Social Marketing Trends and Social Marketing Success Stories , February 12, 2010,


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