Social Media Best Practices: Q&A Forums Whitepaper

Social Media Best Practices Report put together a number of good whitepapers on Social media that I will be sharing the links to this week.  Their Business Social Media Best practices report delves into the power and popularity of Q&A forums. 

In this business social media best practices report, identify opportunities to grow your business by participating in business question-and-answer (Q&A) forums and learn the best practices you need to improve your business social media results. Based on insights from over 900 participants in’s 2009 Business Social Media Benchmarking Study, this free report covers:

  • The types of people turning to business Q&A forums for answers to important business questions
  • Which Q&A forums companies find most effective across LinkedIn Answers, Yahoo! Answers, WikiAnswers, & more
  • Best practices for companies participating in business Q&A forums
  • Company types using business Q&A forums to engage their target B2B audience

For a free copy of Social Media Best Practices: Question & Answer Forums, simply click on the below link to, they have a lot of great whitepapers and research available for you.

Interesting findings of the most popular Social Marketing Resources accessed, leading with Webinars, user reviews and product profile pages on Social Networks.

Most Popular Social Media Resources

Check out the full whitepaper report.

Post: Warren Raisch, January 11, 2010: Social Media Best Practices, Social Media Success Stories and Social Media Case Studies

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3 thoughts on “Social Media Best Practices: Q&A Forums Whitepaper

  1. I just discovered a site called TheyAnswer which lets you ask people you know for answers, recommendations, and reviews. And somehow TheyAnswer automatically targets the right people to answer your questions. Amazing! I also added TheyAnswer on my website so people can contact me and ask me questions. It’s better than Twitter 🙂

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