How a Faith-Based Strategy Pushed ‘Blind Side’ to No. 1 at Box Office

Great interview that outlines how a faith-based movie with a great true story can move to the number one position in the Box Office.  I have a family of four and I am constantly frustrated with the lack of quality movies that I can actually take my children to.  There seems to be a misconception in Hollywood that if you produce movies with a good story and Christian foundations that they wont sell at the Box Office. I am pleased to see this movie doing so well. 

Grace Hill’s Jonathan Bock Tells M&V Why More Brands Should Work With the ‘Niche’ Market of the Faithful

Madison & Vine
LOS ANGELES ( — Madison & Vine caught up with Grace Hill’s Jonathan Bock on the eve of “Blind Side’s” third blockbuster weekend to talk about the current size of the church-going crowd, the definition of the modern Christian and what cues other marketers can take from “The Blind Side’s” unconventional success.

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