The Charity Water Story

The story of charity: water – The 2009 September Campaign

From: charitywater | Goal: Providing Safe Drinking Water to a Million People !
I am always impressed with the power of a simple idea put into action by people who want to make a difference.  There is a lot we can all learn from this story even if we are not changing the world with the marketing we do everyday, although we should always strive for that.  In the past three years they have raised over $10 million from over 60,000 donors and helped over 700,000 people in 16 countries to get access to clean and safe drinking water. 
Those of you that know me,  know that  I have spent a good portion of my life in international markets and developing nations and the number one problem that many of these nations face is having access to clean, safe drinking water. We all take it for granted, myself included.  It is at the core of so many problems that plague much of the world’s population. I support programs that are focused on solving some of these core global issues. 
From a campaign perspective I love their use of powerful video,  Social Marketing channels and their live staged events . It has all of the powerful viral aspects.  But most importantly I love that they stepped up and are making a difference with their lives.
Watch the below video to get a sense of the challenge and the opportunity to make a difference. I am committed to making a difference how about you?  Tell us about your causes and how you are making a difference in your life. At the end of the day that is how our life will be measured. My personal belief is that there is a huge opportunity for major and emerging brands to get behind cause based marketing.  I’d love to hear your opinion and what you and your company are doing in this area.

Warren Raisch Social Marketing Success Story Post: November 5, 2009


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