Two women with a mission to bring fashion to Sports!

Womans Sports Fashion at


Women, Sports and fashion, what a great combination for some Social Buzz and a new business idea for some friends of mine Jennifer and Diane who saw a need and are filling it!  These two entrepreneurial women love sports but don’t love the shortage of stylish sports clothes, so they set out to do something about it. Here is their story and some great  tips on Social Marketing from the front lines:

Women Sports Fashion
Two women with a mission to bring fashion to Sports!

Women are face painting, jersey wearing sports fans too but our bodies, taste, and style are different from our beer belly brothers. We also love to socialize and connect with each other.  Enter, a new website for die-hard female fans to shop for items that cater to women.  To support, we’ve created areas on popular social networking sites as venues to discuss your favorite team and get the latest sports news and fan gear. is a new site that caters to a growing base of female fan across college and professional sports.  Finally, there is one destination where women can shop for fan gear and gifts from all of their favorite teams.  We’ve aggregated hundreds of thousands of products from trusted online merchants like Dick’s Sporting Goods, FansEdge, and Football Fanatics across a wide range of categories such as apparel, tailgating, collectibles, and autographed memorabilia.  Now women can easily find that cute shirt with their favorite team logo, in just the right size! also offers ways for female fans to connect… On Twitter (@hergameface) we post about top pro and college players, teams, top news from major networks like ESPN, and everyday people with a passion for their teams.  You’ll also read tweets about the latest big games and trends in fan gear.  We are experimenting with Twitter’s new Lists functionality, with an NFL List completed already and more to come around sports like NASCAR, NBA and more.  Facebook offers another place to read interesting posts about the latest games, sports news, and fan gear trends, as well as popular new products and gifts.  Like Twitter, Facebook offers a place to interact with other women sports fans and where we can promote the latest in fan gear for women. Over time we have plans to further expand social components of the site that will allow fans to connect with one another on our own site, for instance in forums and through fantasy football leagues.

Social Marketing Lessons from the Front Lines:

1.  Twitter vs. Facebook – When launching a new product or website it’s much harder to reach a new audience and interact on Facebook vs. Twitter. With Twitter contacts are made based on interests (such as sports) not necessarily keeping up with your friends.  Whereas with Facebook, there’s more of an emphasis on leaning on your current contacts.  So you end up with more ‘friends’ you may already know, so then its a matter of getting them to spread the word beyond your circle.

2.  Women Like to Connect on a Personal Level – We have seen this more on the Twitter front, but it is true that women like to connect on a more personal level.  When we tweet about popular sports stores or just throw a random questions out there, we get fewer responses vs. if there’s a personal element involved (a passion for a certain team, info about what we are doing for the big game, etc.)  Women like to know that there’s a real person behind the post, one they can relate to and communicate with, before they enter into dialogue.  ut once they do…they are in it for the long haul!!

Visit the site:

Warren Raisch Social Marketing Success Story Post: November 3, 2009

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