The Anatomy of My Personal Social Network

A Focused Social Strategy
A Focused Social Strategy

Building your own Social Network is important if you want to leverage the power of Social Marketing and understand the dynamics of Social Marketing. Depending on your age demographic this may be second nature to you or it may be something that you find yourself on the sidelines of scratching your head about, like when Reality TV became the rage.  

Select the appropriate Social Networks for your objectives. Define your strategy both personal and professional and then select the networks and groups that make the most sense for you. Remember even though many of us separate our personal and professional Social Networks they are easily accessable to both communities. So if you have a great personal brand building on Linkedin for example and you use your Facebook or Myspace account to talk about your party life then remember that potential and current employers can learn a lot about you and your life by looking at both sites. So always be aware that you are building your own personal brand with everything you do online.

Let’s start the baseline on what I have in place today with a review of where I am finding success. I’d love to have your input on what is working for you.  I am trying to use the latest platforms and tools that make it as easy as possible to publish content, start conversations and share with others.

The Basics

Selecting A Blog Platform 

I researched Blog platforms and selected WordPress because I liked the ease of use in publishing from both the Web and from my Mobile phone as well as the ability to syndicate my content. I also liked the Statistics they provided and the easy administration of multiple Blogs. I also like how you can integrate video into the Blog easily and share through RSS feeds.  In addition, I liked the price, it was free. As are other tools like Blogger and Xanga who offer free offerings. There may be other bells and whistles I am missing but for now it fits what I need.

For me the ease of use is important. I have a full-time career, a family, non-profits I support and I try to have time to pursue my passion of sailing so I did not have any free time. I did not want to have to learn a complicated technology in order to launch this adventure. So the ease of use got me started. My next major step was telling someone that I started…so now I feel accountable. 

My Active Social Networks
My Active Social Networks

My Social Networks

I participate in a number of Social Networks. Below is a list of Social Networks that I am active in. I should note that this is not a part of any Social Marketing strategy yet. It just happens to be where I am active today. I am testing and formulating a strategy that I will share with you over the coming days.


My Current Active Social Networks:

  • Linkedin and Linked in Groups ( Think Conversation Linkedin Group)
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter – wraisch account
  • Plaxo
  • Amazon Authors Network
  • – Automation tool for sending out posts across all of my Social Networks
  • WordPress – My Blog platform

I’ll provide a quick overview of how I am using each network over the coming days. Starting with my Linkedin activities outlined in earlier  post.

 My Linkedin Strategies

Warren Raisch Social Marketing Success Stories Post: October 13, 2009


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