Humanity is Wired to Communicate…Join The Worldwide Conversation!

Humanity is Wired to Communicate!
Humanity is Wired to Communicate!

I find my impression of Social networking and marketing is changing over time. I am often amazed, entertained and sometimes in flat out awe over the reach of the latest viral marketing campaign or simple humor that spreads across global social networks. I think of it as the great connector between people, culture, races, politics and beliefs.  The world is talking and for all of its craziness Social networking is opening up hearts, converations and lost souls. You can find it all 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Humanity is open to conversation and it is time to listen engage and join the conversation!

We as professionals and as everyday people have got to learn how to appropriately join the conversation. My advice is to approach the challenge with a giving attitude. Authenticity and sincerity can be recognized quickly and the opposite can be spotted even faster.  Don’t approach Social Networking and ultimately Social Marketing  by what you can get out of it. I know that is what much of the world is trained to do. Package up commercial messages into sound bites and push them out at the world.  To succeed  in the social world you need to leave this attitude behind and simply listen, engage and join the conversation bringing to the table a spirit of giving to the communities without expectations of immediate returns.  Ultimately this attitude will bring returns back to you, your company or your cause but it should not be your first approach.  

It can be uncomfortable, awkward and difficult to get started in the Social environment but just honestly share your experiences, help people and give openly. You may have a few short term failures a few times along the way but just look at the failures as learning experiences and the sooner you start failing the faster you will begin succeeding. 

This Blog is dedicated to sharing with others and helping us all become better Social communicators.  I don’t have all of the answers, none of us do. We are all learning together.  That is why we need your input, suggestions and feedback to make this a great place to come  and learn together.  Thank you for  taking a moment and sharing your experiences, questions and ideas.

Warren Raisch Social Marketing Success Stories Post: October 12, 2009


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