10 Steps to Setting Your Social Marketing Strategy


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Developing & Executing Your Social Strategy

There are many Social Networks to experiment with. My advice is to clear the clutter and focus on the ones that have business/brand building impact. Also, do the honest sanity check with yourself and your company as to how many social initiatives you can really manage. I have seen so many companies start an initiative with good intent and then see it aging quickly.

 It takes a firm commitment from you and the team to make it happen well.  I highly recommend that you assign content contributors as part of their job descriptions and not just have it as their after hours hobby. I recommend that your company build it into their MBOs & Compensation plans and make them accountable for content contributions on a regular and consistent basis.

” At the end of the day people do what they are compensated to do!”

Best intentions don’t count for much. If your management team is serious about a Social Marketing Strategy then have them commit and give your people the time and mandate to make it a success. Otherwise they are setting your people and the company up for failure in the Social Marketing arena. Unfortunately,  it can be a very public failure. So gain executive commitment and do the following: 

Top 10 Steps to Developing Your Social Marketing Strategy:

  1. Define Social KPI’s – Set your Social Marketing Objectives – determine Social KPI’s 
  2. Define Company Voice– Determine who will be the voice of the company and be consistent.
  3. Social Outlets -Determine which Social Outlets make sense for reaching your community
  4. Hard & Soft Budget Setting-Set a budget of both hard and soft dollar commitments for the Social Programs, even if you are using existing employees set a fixed budget
  5. Accountability – Set clear accountability for the Social Strategy and actions.
  6. Voice of Customer – Make it a two way conversation not just another one way marketing channel. That will fail in Social Marketing. This should be your VOC program.
  7. Provide Value – Provide Unique/special value to the Social Community that you build so they stay loyal. Dell does a really good job with this.
  8. Empower your Social Champions – Empower your team that is customer and market facing to represent the company and make certain business decisions.
  9. Communicate Results – Develop a Social Marketing dashboard to communicate key finding within the company at all levels of management.
  10. Take Action on Findings– Be ready to be responsive and  take quick action on what you learn.

 There are a number of white papers out there that are helpful in setting your strategy. Razorfish put out the one called Fluent which you can download below:


Fluent Social Marketing White Paper
Fluent Social Marketing White Paper

Social Marketing Stategy Whitepaper


Warren Raisch Social Marketing Success Stories Post: October 7, 2009


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