Think Conversation! Success Depends on You!

Warren Raisch
Warren Raisch

Welcome to Think Conversation! The concept behind Think Conversation!  is to gather like minded people and organizations ranging  from  Fortune 500’s, non-profits or small one man/woman online shops trying to make a go of it online and provide the tools and advice that we  all can learn from.  Social Marketing is becoming integrated into all marketing so we all need to stay on top of it.  Currently Social Marketing is a way of building your own pesonal brand, driving exposure and sales for your companies or causes. The success of this site will depend on you and the other community members who come and ask questions, share experiences and lessons with each other and help each other grow.

Warren Raisch Success Stories Post: October 3, 2009


4 thoughts on “Think Conversation! Success Depends on You!

  1. Very cool! I am always impressed with your thoughts and ideas. I will be back to check this blog. I have all of the tools, just don’t really know how to use them to promote my business.

  2. Warren, great resource and great to know you’ve got this going. I’ll certainly be chiming in now and then!

  3. Great to hear from you! Thanks very much. I appreciate you joining the conversation! Please share your experiences with the ThinkConversation! Community and we will all learn together.

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