Social Marketing With a Cause!

Invisible Children

One of the great things about where I work at Digitaria is that we get to work everyday on some of the most advanced Online,Social and Mobile Marketing for some of the largest global brands in the world including Intel, Hasbro, Cisco and Media & Entertainment giants like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, MTV  as well as leading sports franchises such as the NFL, MLS, ATP, ISC and many others. As great as it is to work with the giants it is also really satisfying when we have the opportunity to take all of our advanced technologies, know how and skills and apply them to making a difference in the world with some of the smaller non-profits that are driven by passionate people that get up everyday, give thanks for what they have and go about making the world a better place.


I am fortunate that I get to work with a group of passionate people that are truly moved to make a difference and we have a host of non-profits that we work with. It is truly one of the most satisfying parts of our jobs.  One such example is our work with a non-profit called Invisible Children which was started by three young men who were just out of college and wanted to go out and see the world and capture their stories on film. They witnessed  first hand the gross injustice of a war in Uganda, Africa where children were being taken from their homes in the middle of the night and turned into child soldiers as well as the  families that were devestated by the warfare and lost absolutley everything being displaced and all but forgotten in camps where they struggle daily with the basics of clean watter and food.  They came to us with a powerful story to tell and a challenge of how to gather American youth to take action to help.  They took their story on the road and we helped them take the story onto the Web. Through the innovative use of storytelling through Social Networks & Marketing, Videos, Mobile Marketing , a powerful website and the passion of people who cared to step up and make a difference. 

80,000 Sudents Take to the Streets

With extensive grassroots storytelling  they gathered mobile phone numbers and then they  put out the calls to action and hoped they would come. And come they did, in their first series of events over 80,000 students from across America were mobilized to take to the streets and stand up for the cause by staging Displace Me events in key cities where they similated what it would be like to be pulled from your home and put out into the streets.  Watch the attached video and see the amazing success story or go to today and read their stories and watch the videos in the media section. It is an amazing testiment to the power of passionate people. Also, it is one of the most successful Non-Profit projects we have ever been involved with using  Social Marketing, mobile and online outreach. Through the efforts of all of these students they generated over $7 milllion in funding to go back to Uganda and rebuild schools, villages and lives and the story continues.

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Warren Raisch Social Marketing Success Stories Post: October 2009

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