Did You Know?

Did You Know?

As a father of 4 I am concerned about our country and what the future holds for our children. I am also an optimist and believe in the American Spirit and our ability to change with the times.  I came across this YouTube video called DID YOU KNOW?  I guess it has been around a while but it was compelling and tells us about the current state of a child born in the U.S. today in comparison to India and China and other countries committed to education of the next generation.  Check it out at the below link. I am very interested in how we can use all of our advanced technology and access to global informaiton to empower our current and future generations to be prepared for the shifts that are happening today and over the coming years.  We are in a situation today where we are not educating our children for the jobs of tomorrow and that will hurt us greatly as a nation.  Take a look at the video and some of the compelling video responses that people have put together and let me know your thoughts.  


Warren Raisch Social Marketing Success Stories Post: October 2009


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